vogelmann-adventure is the top address for adventure in the Karlsruhe region. As a provider of water tourism services certified by the German Tourism Association, we ensure that our events comply with the highest nature conservation standards (QMW certificate). Put your trust in our team of professional outdoor and canoe guides, adventure trainers and coaches. Check out our range of events on this page or our website and get inspired.

Here is a small selection from our portfolio:

  • Canoe tours: We offer a variety of canoe tours in the Karlsruhe area. Whether you want to paddle for an afternoon or for a full day, we will find a way to get you out on the water. Experience nature and your local area from a completely different perspective – from the water.
  • Raft building: Raft building requires creativity and team spirit. Groups build their own rafts from boards, beams, barrels and string. An expert jury decides whether each raft passes its “MOT”. The teams are equipped with life jackets and paddles and the raft race begins. Who will stand on top of the winner's podium?
  • GPS Team Challenge: Strategy, tactics, adventure, risk, team spirit and daring are the hallmarks of the GPS Team Challenge. To win the treasure at the end, the groups really have to prove themselves! Equipped with GPS, a camera and a roadbook, teams of 5-7 participants embark on a tour during which they must overcome a variety challenges and tasks that can only be solved by working together. The teams receive points for each successfully completed task – the more difficult the challenge, the more points they score. However, to crack the code on the treasure chest they also need to use strategy and tactics. Who is more daring? Who can find the right strategy? Nothing dared, nothing gained!
  • Indoor Team Event: Build a table soccer game, action painting – we offer a colourful range of indoor activities, incl. indoor golf and much more.

We also offer workshops for team leaders and managers:

Your employees and managers often have skills and potential that you – and sometimes even they themselves– do not know they possess. Let us take you a voyage of discovery and awaken the hidden abilities of your workforce. We offer workshops that focus on areas such as communication, cooperation and team personality types.

Sustainable development of young talent for your company!

Trainees and students experience team training, cooperation and value development.

Group sizes: We offers events for groups of 10 to 250 participants.

Our business areas:

Nature for families

  • Canoe tours/ Canoe rental
  • Canoe and kayak courses
  • Raft building for families and friends

Nature for business

  • Corporate events
  • Company outings
  • Training for employee teams
  • Executives
  • Trainees

We are a member company of the following associations:

Bundesverband Individual und Erlebnispädagogik. e.V. BVKanu

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