High above Baden-Baden, the Nägelsförst Wine Estate is conveniently situated close to a motorway and has a fantastic view of the Rhine Valley and the Vosges Hills. It unites historic charm, a unique atmosphere and a panoramic view – all within one location. This makes it a perfect setting for your very special event. We’ll make sure your event meets all your requirements. Whether it’s a family celebration, a wedding, an anniversary, a seminar or a corporate function, Nägelförst has that certain something.

Seminars and exclusive corporate events

Three beautiful historic rooms are available for your event. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, there are no limits to the type of event you require, including seminars, discussions and strategy meetings. Depending on the setting, the biggest room will seat up to 30. A somewhat smaller room is ideal for any group work or discussions you may want to add. The associated restaurant, Straussenwirtschaft, is a great place for lunch breaks, providing regional specialities made by the chefs of our Wine Estate, while the beautiful entrance hall and idyllic terrace are ideally suited for coffee breaks.
Our premises allow flexible seating arrangements, tailored exactly to suit your events, including meetings in small groups, somewhat bigger interactive seminars and talks aimed at small to medium-sized audiences. We can always provide the right setting.

Do please have a word with us. We’d love to ease the burden for you and organise your seminar to suit your requirements.

A charming way to celebrate a wedding

Fulfil the desire of your heart with an unusual wedding ceremony under the shade of a big old tree, with a party among our beautiful vines and surrounded by some idyllic countryside.

The historic buildings of the Wine Estate add some rustic charm and a touch of vintage ambience to your big day. Our highly distinct wines are an ideal supplement to this ambience.

And the best thing is that you will have the Wine Estate all to yourself. Thanks to the extensive gardens surrounding the estate, there are virtually no limits to the number of people you can invite. Whether you’d like to have some elegant pagodas or a large ballroom-like marquee, anything is feasible.

Parties and festivities

Celebrate in style, with a panoramic view, and enjoy the occasion with all your senses. The superbly landscaped gardens that surround our historic building offer plenty of space for your event. The Wine Estate itself is suited for small to medium-sized festivities.


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