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ichfahr.net is a pioneering start-up based in Karlsruhe – offering clients a slightly different and very individual chauffeur experience. In the Karlsruhe area, the service is already considered the insider tip for alternative transport.
So, what makes ichfahr.net unique? Unlike a taxi company, ichfahr.net drives both its customers and their cars safely to their destination. In fact, the start-up has already established itself as a hidden champion in Karlsruhe's nightlife and exclusive customer segment over recent years.
As a customer, you enjoy the benefits of going home in your own vehicle. But without risking your driver's licence and with the freedom to enjoy the evening as you wish. The company’s key partners are Karlsruhe’s restaurateurs who are keen for their guests to get home safely.

How does it work?
Simply request a driver via www.ichfahr.net, WhatsApp or telephone. After a quick confirmation, two drivers will arrive at the agreed address. One driver will take you and your vehicle to your destination and be collected there by the other driver.

Pilot chauffeur service
You left home in your own car but – after an enjoyable evening – do not want to risk your driver's licence. We will drive you and your car home.

Chauffeur Service / Executive Chauffeur
You are the boss, a member of the board or simply need a driver. Whenever you or your children need to be driven to an appointment, it will be our pleasure to drive you. And we will be happy to provide references.

More services:
- Classic chauffeur service with vehicle provided
- Europe-wide car transfers (leasing returns, rental and new car pick-up)
- Discrete driver if you are disqualified from driving

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