Buhlsche Mühle Ettlingen

The perfect location for events with a little extra something
The Buhlsche Mühle combines the historical flair of Ettlingen’s old paper mill with modern and contemporary architectural elements to create a unique atmosphere. Both the mill building and the warehouse have been extensively restored and transformed into a modern conference centre with its own exclusive guest house. From meetings and seminars to banquets and private celebrations: the Buhlsche Mühle and its versatile facilities provide the perfect setting.

Flexibility for your needs
Whether you are planning for 10 or 199 guests, our choice of eight different function rooms offers you enormous scope for tailoring the venue perfectly to your individual specifications. Combined with state-of-the-art conference, communication and event technology, we provide everything you need to host an event that meets the highest standards. The Buhlsche Mühle team is always on hand to provide individual specialist support, allowing you to relax and ensuring your event runs like clockwork.


The Buhlsche Mühle has 8 function rooms:

  • André Marie Ampère (57 m²)
  • Alessandro Volta (62 m²)
  • William Lord Kelvin (48 m²)
  • Combination Volta + Kelvin (110 m²)
  • Banqueting room Werner v. Siemens (232 m²)
  • James Watt (52 m²)
  • Georg Simon Ohm (53 m²)
  • Combination Watt + Ohm (105 m²)
  • Charles Augustin Coulomb (111 m²)
  • Heinrich Hertz exhibition (180m²), for receptions

All conference rooms have basic technical equipment. This includes:

  • Projection screen
  • Projector
  • Presenter
  • Pinboard
  • Flip chart
  • DSL and ISDN connections
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV connections
  • Infinitely variable room lighting
  • Blinds

Spend the night in the Buhlsche Mühle – in our 6 comfortable double/single rooms:

  • Marie Curie
  • Michael Faraday (barrier-free)
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Rolf M. Sievert
  • Joseph Henry

Special supporting events
The Buhlsche Mühle’s location also plays a key role in creating a special atmosphere for your event. Sitting directly on the green banks of the River Alb in Ettlingen, its large open-air terraces help you to wind down and escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Moreover, the venue’s position in the heart of Ettlingen offers scope for a wide range of supporting activities to enhance your event. Take advantage of Ettlingen's cultural diversity and outstanding calendar of performing arts. From theatre shows and the Sommer-Schlossfestspiele arts festival to the cinema – the choice is yours. Sporting facilities include the neighbouring Albgaubad swimming pool, which also features exclusive sauna and relaxation areas. Night owls and gourmets will also find plenty to their taste. Ettlingen's picturesque old town is within walking distance and home to high-quality restaurants, friendly cafés and bars.

In addition, free parking is available for your event in front of the Buhlsche Mühle and in the Albgaubad’s multi-storey car park (parking charges apply).

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