Tab Team Challenge – the team event: new, innovative, unique!

1. The team experience that feels like an event
The focus is on communication within the team, lastingly reinforced and strengthened through the interactive use of a tablet PC. Having fun and solving tasks together – team spirit and working as a group are at the heart of the exercise.

2. Events with a modern twist
Tablet PCs offer a full range of new opportunities. Use our Tab Team Challenge now – where state-of-the-art technology meets invigorating team building.

3. Individuality
Whether you want to put across your corporate design or are looking for individual games, the Tab Team Challenge is easily adapted to your needs and makes your event unique. Endless opportunities for every kind of event: strategy, competition, team play and action are just a few examples of our varied repertoire.

4. Flexibility
Indoors or outdoors – you decide. The Tab Team Challenge is possible everywhere – in town or in the countryside – BITOU is used everywhere in Europe. Multilingual: the Tab Team Challenge can be carried out in multiple languages. Number of participants: many or just a few, the Tab Team Challenge can be adapted to any number.

5. On target for success
Planned to the finest detail: specified times and limits ensure you are right on schedule. Know no barriers: some participants may be handicapped or averse to technology. It doesn't matter. The Tab Team Challenge is easy to operate and uses the very latest software, making it the perfect event for, and with, all participants. Bad weather insurance: an outdoor event and bad weather? No problem. Simply use our Tab Team Challenge indoors instead and the event is sure to be a success!

The best in events, travel and catering! Experience expert all-round service delivered by one company. Personalised advice, perfect execution and a clearly itemised invoice? No problem. Our professional team of engineers, team trainers, sports scientists, event managers and adventure coaches is right there at your side.

BITOU TAB Team Challenge
Whether outdoors in a natural setting, sightseeing in the city, or indoors in a conference room – the TAB Team Challenge will bring out the best in your team with virtual tasks, real team games and computer-controlled puzzles. Each team is provided with a tablet PC that links the virtual and real world and makes learning fun. An exciting mix of GPS navigation, videos, voice and text messaging, real missions, team games and encounters make this event utterly unique.

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