AVDATA – your partner in event equipment, especially video and media, with a passion for everything you need for your event.

The history of media technology
Presentations that leave an impression. Information that sticks. Conferences that work well. The history of AVDATA is marked by a passion to help companies ensure effective and convincing communication. The service company, which was founded in Karlsruhe in 1992, offers a wide range of communication and presentation solutions, including a rental service for events, media equipment, sound and lighting equipment and state-of-the-art interpreting facilities for international discussion panels. AVDATA is a full-scale service provider that covers all the aspects of an event.

Offering powerful solutions means giving you technically mature solutions which are needs-focused and specially tailored to suit your company. We also keep an eye on your budget. But AVDATA services include far more than this, making sure that one uninvited guest keeps well away from all presentations and other events: boredom.
AVDATA engineers deliver audiovisual excellence, with superb standards of sound quality, so that even a fairly loud volume never gets unpleasant, They also give you truly excellent video quality based on crystal-clear brilliance, with rich colours and nicely legible charts.

AVDATA provides comprehensive advice and great support in the management of playlists: What should be shown how and above all when? How can content best be staged for a good impact on the viewer? Where should the right photos and videos for a presentation come from? AVDATA has the professional know-how to provide expert support for its customers and to achieve the impossible.
High quality means using mature, state-of-the-art equipment while also warranting reliability and a good level of functionality. After all, it’s reassuring to know that all the media equipment will function smoothly when it matters most, i.e. when it is used live, on site, and particularly when things get hectic.

Valuable asset of a service provider: experience
Although technical knowledge is important, there’s one thing that’s indispensable: experience. AVDATA has worked in the meetings industry for over 25 years and knows how to build on it. It has the right routines in place, adding a good element of security when you need flexibility and improvisation at short notice. AVDATA can build on a sizeable number of successful events, covering consultancy, planning, design, technical equipment and the subsequent follow-up.

Customer focus and regional involvement
With AVDATA you’ll benefit from the logistics of a professional service provider in all areas. You will be assigned specific project managers who can be approached when needed, as well as flexible staff who are ready to serve. As well as doing our best for our customers, we also help to stimulate our region. We provide the practical training components for courses at the Baden-Baden Events Academy and we train skilled staff in three defined occupations in the event industry.

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